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Amazon.com shoppers!! Help support our programs while you shop! It doesn't cost you a penny, but if you shop by going to www.AmazonSmile.com first and selecting East Tennessee Spay & Neuter as your charity, we get a percentage of what you buy. (Note: you only need to sign up the first time, then it's automatic.) Tell your family and friends too!


Designed and built by Emil Heiden. Just $125, sales benefit ETSN's programs. Emil is taking orders for these fantastic dog houses--they are built to keep your dog warm and last a long time. The roof lifts for easy cleaning or air circulation in the summer. There's even a handy box mounted on the side for food/water bowls!

We have a sample at our Saturday sign-ups at Tractor Supply in Elizabethton (10:30am to Noon). To order, come to a sign-up, or
contact us at etnspay-neuter@hotmail.com, or 423-437-3850.

PET ID TAGS--Plastic or Metal!

   If you find most pet tags hard to read, take a look at these! We work with Craig at Engraving Your Way here in Elizabethton, who makes these for us for JUST $5 EACH! (Free Shipping.) They're hard plastic with white lettering, and come pre-drilled for hanging or riveting to the collar. They come in blue or purple, and are 1" high by 1.5" wide. You have up to 4 lines, 12 letters per line. I LOVE mine, because my shelty-chow's fur covers most tags, and with just her name and my phone #, you can see it from a good distance. Download the order form here. Email the completed form and pay with PayPal, or mail with your check to: P.O. Box 2171, Elizabethton, TN 37644, or see us at the Purple Bus at Tractor Supply in Elizabethton every Saturday from 10:30am to noon.

We also have a nice selection of metal tags available through our friend Lee, at Lasting Impressions in Florida. The cost and details are essentially the same, but you have a larger selection of colors and shapes to choose from. Download the order form for the metal tags here. Email the completed form and pay with PayPal, or mail with your check to: P.O. Box 2171, Elizabethton, TN 37644, or see us at the Purple Bus at Tractor Supply in Elizabethton every Saturday from 10:30am to noon..

If you have problems with outdoor pests (including feral or neighborhood cats) try these great humane deterrents:

ScareCrow works with a jet of water and CatStop uses ultrasonic sound waves.

And to help with scaredy dogs or barky dogs, check these out:


The Dog Silencer is humane, and it REALLY works, up to 300ft. away. The hand-held one (Dog-off Pro) is great for dogs in the house or yard. Plus, you'll be supporting ETSN's programs!  Click the photo to learn more and purchase. You'll also find other pet accessories, like these:


Save the Planet, Help Animals, and Save Money!!! It's a Win-Win-Win!! You can recycle your e-waste and help us raise cash for the community! Planet Green is an American company that helps non-profits by paying cash for: old cell phones, video games & controllers, handheld video games, iPods/MP3 players, iPads/tablets/laptops, calculators, digital & video cameras, GPS & radar detectors, empty inkjet printer cartridges, mobile hot spots, and eBook readers.

You can bring your e-waste to the Purple bus at Tractor Supply in Elizabethton on Saturdays from 10:30-noon. If you have 20 or more items, you can send them directly to Planet Green at no cost by going to our Planet Green site: www.planetgreenrecycle.com/etnspayneuter and getting a pre-paid shipping label, which will credit ETSN for the donation.
You can help even more by buying your inkjet cartridges through our website at Planet Green: www.planetgreenrecycle.com/etnspayneuter  ETSN makes 15% on each purchase!

Rada Cutlery Lovers!! We now have an online account so you can get these fantastic knives & other great products while helping ETSN's programs. Everything's made in the USA, & has a lifetime guarantee!

Also check out their selection of soy candles, stoneware, cookbooks, and quick mixes. Simply click here: www.HelpOurFundraiser.com and enter this internet ordering #: 503903 and the password etsn1 (all lower case). You get great products, and we get to help more pets! Please download this handout and pass it along to your friends!


Turn your dog into an obedient pet - Free Dog Training Course. Sign up now.

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               Get your NEW State of TN
      Spay/Neuter Saves Lives License Plates!
    A portion of the $60 fee supports a grant
               for spay-neuter vouchers!
    Plus, it's a great way to spread the word!
           (Purchase from State of TN or your local county.)


Corporate friends of ETSN, try Amazon Supply for a wide range of products. Products sold on AmazonSupply.com include lab and scientific supplies, metalworking tools, measurement and inspection tools, raw materials, fasteners, tubing, power transmission products, janitorial supplies, and occupational health and safety products. Help us while you get great prices for the supplies you need!

Local friends looking for building supplies, please check Big John's Closeouts first--owner Mike Barnett is a big supporter of ETSN's programs, & we'd like to show our gratitude! (238 E. Elk Ave., Elizabethton)


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For Home Building Supplies, don't waste your time at those retail chain stores when you can save money at Big John's 
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CHECK BACK FOR MORE CRITTER GEAR COMING SOON!  If you are a regular online shopper, please email and tell us where you shop--we may be able to sign up for a click-thru link and generate more cash for critters!