4/15/2021 Due to apparent lack of need, we are no longer accepting new monthly, long term recipients. If you have an emergency pet food need, we will be happy to help! Just leave us a detailed message. 423-289-5548 (no text)

Or if out of Carter County and you need one-time emergency food help for your pet immediately and cannot wait, please call - Appalachia: Mission Pawsible

(423) 398-3380

ABOUT OUR PANTRY - For our "grandfathered in" families, we will continue to serve you!

  • It is to help low-income pet owners keep their current pets fed and healthy.

  • It is a temporary, 1 year supplement  to the pet owner’s regular purchase of pet food.

  • It is NOT for helping people get new pets they can't afford to care for.

  • It is NOT to help anyone breed new puppies or kittens.

ETSN does monthly pet food pantry distributions for low-income pet owners who are residents of Carter County (total HOUSEHOLD income $25,000/yr or less). Bring I.D. and proof of income to renewal.  You must apply IN PERSON. Pet food is not given at registration; it is distributed once a month.


Bucket Lunches

Our pet food is provided in "lunch buckets" (clean, empty cat liter pails) and we are always in need of your discards when your cats are through using them! Please donate your clean, empty pails to ETSN's Pet Food Pantry.

Pantry recipients will be issued these lunch buckets upon approval to the program. You will be responsible for returning them clean, monthly for your pet food refills. If you do not come to distribution with your issued buckets, you will not receive any food.

Pet Food Pantry ID Card

Once you have qualified for the Pet Food Pantry, you will be issued a PFP ID card. You must bring this card with you and give it to an ETSN representative for every monthly distribution in order to receive food. Cards are good for 1 year while you are on the Pantry. If you do not bring your PFP card with you, you will not receive any food.

If you cannot personally come to distribution, you may have someone stand in for you as long as they have your ID card, buckets, and your permission to pick up your food.

If you still require assistance after 1 year, and still meet our criteria, you must renew your application. Remember, the Pet Food Pantry is a temporary, supplemental program.

If you miss 3 consecutive months in a row, we will assume you no longer need help and you will be dropped from the pantry.

Pet Food Pantry Donations

You can Be a Hero to a pet in need by sponsoring a pet or donating unopened Purina Brand cat or dog food to the pantry! Local pets THRIVE on your kind donations! Our Pet Food Pantry needs your help. We want to stock up for the months ahead! To keep it simple, we are accepting ANY brand Purina wet or dry, cat and dog food. Not sure? Just look for the red and white checkerboard!

PLEASE thank & support our past and present ETSN Pet Food Pantry sponsors:

  • ASPCA/Morris' Live Long and Prospurr Program

  • Big John's Closeouts, Elizabethton

  • Blue Dog Bakery

  • Build-a-Bear Workshop Foundation

  • Carmella and Jack Price

  • Carter County Bank, Elizabethton

  • Cindy's Crafts, Johnson City

  • Citizens Bank, Elizabethton

  • Computer Pros, Elizabethton

  • Elizabethton Collision Center, LLC

  • Elizabethton Federal Savings Bank

  • Fletcher's Homemade, Elizabethton

  • Greater Good Charities, Rescue Bank

  • Hayworth Tire and Auto Service

  • Jackee Taylor Johnston - State Farm Agent

  • Lingerfelt Drug and Gift Center, Elizabethton

  • Luster Shell

  • NAVS Sanctuary Fund

  • Northeast Community Credit Union, Elizabethton

  • On Shore Foundation

  • Petsense, Elizabethton

  • R&M Automotive, Stoney Creek

  • Restore Global, Charlotte, NC

  • Riverside Taphouse, Elizabethton

  • Robert L. Brown, New York

  • Tractor Supply Co., Elizabethton

  • 2 Dudes Gaming, Elizabethton

  • Vida Hull

   We 100% want ALL pet homes to be "furever" homes full of love, warmth, good care, and quality food. We make a lifetime commitment to our pets to always be there for them. But what happens when WE fall on rough times? Our pets shouldn't have to suffer because life circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. ETSN is committed to keeping pets with their people who love them. Our elderly shouldn't have to choose between purchasing pet food or their own lifesaving medications. 

   Our young shouldn't have to surrender their first pet because they find themselves temporarily between jobs, and pet food isn't currently in their budget. The simple acts of walking your dog or listening to your cat purr can boost your mood and give you something to care for and focus on other than yourself. Pets can and do play a vital role in our well being. Be it in poverty or riches, love is love!

We appreciate every donation!

For more information, please call 423-289-5548 and leave a message.