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Critter Care Clinic

Please note a change from our printed schedule in April.  There is no clinic on April 20th.  We will be at the Harmony Freewill Baptist Church in Hampton on April 27th.

The Critter Care Clinic offers low-cost pet vaccinations and wellness veterinary care to EVERYONE!  It is our wish to see that your pets have access to the yearly care they need to stay healthy and up-to-date. Please see this page for our pricing, times, and schedules.

 We make it easy and inexpensive for your pets to stay comfortable and healthy.  Come see us on the Critter Care Clinic for all your vaccination and wellness veterinary needs!  Service is on a first come - first serve basis.  We do not take reservations.

We would like to remind everyone that the wait can be rather long depending on how busy we are. Please be prepared for this and the weather. We appreciate your patience and try to accommodate everyone as quickly as we can while providing the top-notch service you have all come to depend on. Thank you all for making our program so successful and making your pets a number one priority! We LOVE what we do for our community!


Beloved local veterinarian Dr. Gail Lane is graciously donating her time to help us reach the rural areas of our community for vaccinations and basic wellness care for pets.

The Critter Care Clinic travels on a regular basis to several locations in Carter County. We provide annual vaccinations, testing for heartworm & feline leukemia/FIV. We offer monthly or single prescription flea, tick, & heartworm preventives, and basic wellness checks including prescriptions for ear issues, skin problems, dental trouble, etc.

ETSN does NOT perform any surgery or euthanasia.  Our vet may refer you and your pet to one of our local partners for more in-depth treatment if your pet requires care outside the scope of what we are able to offer.

For low cost spay neuter options, please see our Spay & Neuter Sign-up program page.

PLEASE NOTE:  We stop signing in pets 30 minutes before our scheduled end time or when we reach our daily limit of 30 pets (20 during our winter schedule).

Our host location addresses -

We thank them very much!

* Roan Mountain Community Park

Address: 146 Carter St., Roan Mountain

* Happy Valley Elementary School

Address: 1840 Milligan Hwy, Johnson City

* First United Methodist Church

Address: 325 East E St., Elizabethton

* Harmony Freewill Baptist Church

Address: 3405 Gap Creek Rd., Hampton



Program dates, times, & locations -

*January 10am-Noon

6 - First United Methodist

20 - Canceled


* February  10am-Noon  

3 - First United Methodist

17 - First United Methodist

* March  10am-Noon  

2 - First United Methodist

16 - First United Methodist


* April  10am-2pm 

6 - Roan Mtn Community Park

13 - Happy Valley Elementary

20 - No Clinic

27 - Harmony FW Baptist Church


* May   10am-2pm  

4- Roan Mtn Community Park

11 - Happy Valley Elementary

18 - First United Methodist

25 - Harmony FW Baptist Church

* June   10am-2pm  

1 - Roan Mtn Community Park

8 - Happy Valley Elementary

15 - First United Methodist

22 - Harmony FW Baptist Church

* July   10am-2pm  

6 - Roan Mtn Community Park

13 - Happy Valley Elementary

20 - First United Methodist

27 - Harmony FW Baptist Church

* August   10am-2pm  

3 - Roan Mtn Community Park

10 - Happy Valley Elementary

17 - First United Methodist

24 - Harmony FW Baptist Church


* September   10am-2pm  

7 - Roan Mtn Community Park

14 - Happy Valley Elementary

21 - First United Methodist

28 - Harmony FW Baptist Church


* October   10am-2pm  

5 - Roan Mtn Community Park

12 - Happy Valley Elementary

19 - First United Methodist

26 - Harmony FW Baptist Church


* November   10am-2pm  

2 - Roan Mtn Community Park

9 - Happy Valley Elementary

16 - First United Methodist

23 - Harmony FW Baptist Church

* December   10am-Noon  

7 - First United Methodist

21 - First United Methodist

Our service menu with current pricing -


Rabies 1yr Vaccine  $15

Canine Core Vaccine (DAPPv+L2)  $18

Feline Core Vaccine (HCPCh+FeLV)  $18

Rabies + Core Vaccine Combo  $28

Bordetella Vaccine (Kennel Cough) $18

Other Services:

Deworming Treatment  $15 

FIV/FeLV Test (Feline)  $30

Flea & Tick Preventative (30 day)  $20

Gland Expression  $15

Heartworm Test (Canine)  $25

Heartworm Plus Preventative (30 day)  $20

Microchipping & Registration  $20

Nail Trims  $15

Prescriptions  $22 

Superficial Wound or Skin Treatment  $20

Wellness Checkup  $15

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Schedules and/or prices may change without notice.

All dogs must be on leashes, and all cats must be in secure carriers for everyone's safety.


Our RV was kindly donated by the Glenda Taylor Delawder Charitable Trust

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